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One Page Plan

The One Page Plan Document looks horribly complicated but is actually relatively easy to understand if you remember the key is to start at the bottom and read up!

It starts with identifying your Mission and Goals and then from these what it is that will drive you towards achieving those goals (the Key underlying success drivers).  For each of these you identify your target and then measure – as often as you like – whether you are hitting those targets.  From these results you can then work out what are the best actions to take to improve where you need to

Linked to the underlying drivers are the key sales and key cost & cash drivers.  Again you define your goals for each of these and measure how the actual compares with actions to take where targets aren’t quite met. These then feed into the Key Results for the business – the headline figure as to how all the things you have done have impacted on what you want to see in your business.

The key to One Page Plans is that they are tailored to your business and what you want to achieve and we work it through with you every month to make sure that you understand what is happening and tweak things as need be.

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