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Improving Your Business


Most management information is already out of date when you get it and doesn’t always measure what you need to know. Our One Page plans look at the key drivers of your business, both financial and non-financial, and measures these on a regular basis – monthly, weekly or even daily if you want. This regular and up to date information will enable you to quickly identify any areas where your business is falling behind the targets you have set.

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A regular boardview meeting with one of our directors gives you experienced, outside input to your business. The questions asked may not always be comfortable but very few of our clients who have started a boardview programme have stopped!


Is your business doing the best it can and how can you tell? Benchmarking confidentially compares your business’ figures with others in the same sector, highlighting areas where you are ahead of the opposition and areas where there is scope to catch up. It is seldom that all 19 areas of comparison don’t show up some areas for improvement and, of course, we’ll help you develop ways to get your business up with the best. Contact Paul or Chris for your free starter report.

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Are your accounts as useful as an ashtray on a motorbike? As they are often a long time after the event and not infrequently incomprehensible the Financial Performance Review looks at trends over the years rather than figures in isolation and presents the results graphically so it’s easy to see exactly what has been going on. And, if you can see what is going on better, it is so much easier to fix anything that needs attention.

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Each Masterclass is 90 minutes of real-world strategies and practical solutions, applicable know-how and invaluable resources delivered by a range of expert speakers, including a Strategic Board opportunity to share challenges and gain feedback, experience and insights from the group. Refreshments included.

The topics we have covered in the last two years include:

  • Simple stuff that works
  • How to find time to do the important things
  • How to get paid in full, on time, every time
  • Why should people buy from you?
  • How to write a story for great press coverage
  • What to do when the competition is cheaper

And don’t just listen to us, here are some of the comments from the feedback forms :

“This hits the spot – keep it up!”

“Really enjoyed listening to real business people discuss issues”

“Great case studies”

Book a complimentary Masterclass session and try before you buy!

Find out more on our dedicated Mckellens Masterclass site at www.mckmasterclass.com

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