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Our Philosophy

So that you know where we are coming from and what we stand for

Our vision is to help owner managed businesses become the most successful and enjoyable to run.  We know that in most small businesses there is a successful entrepreneur trying to get out!  Mostly you are buried under a welter of red tape, paperwork and firefighting.  Our aim is to release you by firstly focussing on what you want out of life and thence your business and then, secondly, working together to achieve those goals.

Underpinning this vision are the three fundamentals of how we do business:

Expertise & Approachability  
Large firm service and ability, small firm approach

Sadly business integrity often takes a back seat to profit and self interest these days.  We believe that integrity means doing the right thing even when no one is looking.  Because of this we will always be trustworthy in what we say and what we do – even when it is uncomfortable!

The Big Picture  
We know that there is more to life than business and we want to help our clients get all that they want out of life, which may be more than just making money.

As one of the oldest independent accountancy practices in the UK we know that you don’t grow businesses by living in the past but by looking to the future and being at the forefront of change.