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Why Choose Us


A recent survey showed that over three quarters of our clients’ say that the one of the key things about dealing with us is that we are approachable – not something you always associate with accountants!

Plain English

We make it easier to benefit from advice by avoiding jargon and technical terms where at all possible. It’s vital that you understand what we are saying

You'll Know The Cost

We will provide fixed and fair prices upfront so you never get an unexpected bill. No nasty surprises.

Proactive Business Advice

You can’t have enough good ideas….they make the difference between success and failure.  We provide a constant stream of proactive business boosting ideas, input and advice – and the support to make things happen.

Always Contactable

Fed up with trying to get hold of someone who never rings back? With our guaranteed response times you know that anything you want to talk about will be answered quickly.

Numbers That Are Useful

Too often the annual accounts are already out of date by the time you get them and don’t always measure the numbers that really matter.  We can help you measure what is critical to your business on an ‘as it happens’ basis, information that helps you keep your finger right on the pulse of your company.

Proactive Tax Advice

Paying too much tax or missing tax saving opportunities?  We will give you proactive tax planning, pre year end as well as keeping you up to date with all the latest tax strategies.

Talking Is Free

Why not talk to us more often and get more advice?  We don’t charge for talking!  Our fixed fees cover all calls and meetings at no extra cost. We don’t want you not to contact us because you feel “the clock” is running.


Bill Quinn

Bill Quinn

Managing Director
ToneTech Ltd

Nick Munsch

Nick Munsch

Managing Director
Broadstock Office
Furniture Ltd

Liz Maly

Liz Maly

PSC Systems Ltd

Rod Benson

Rod Benson

Chief Operating Officer
Imagen Biotech Ltd